2 septembrie 2022: Anunț program școlar

În anul școlar 2022-2023, cursurile Colegiului Național „Liviu Rebreanu" din Bistrița se vor desfășura în două schimburi, după cum urmează:

1. schimbul de dimineață (seria 1): elevii din clasele CP - VIII și XI-XII;

2. schimbul de după-masă (seria 2): elevii din clasele IX-X.

Elevii din ciclul primar încep cursurile la ora 8, durata orelor fiind cea prevăzută în OME nr. 4183/2022.

Elevii din clasele V - VIII și XI-XII vor începe cursurile la ora 7, iar elevii claselor IX-X la 12,45. Ora de curs va avea 45 de minute. Pauzele vor fi de cinci minute, cu excepția pauzei mari, de după ora a treia, a cărei durată va fi de 10 minute.

Detalierea programului școlar pentru elevii din ciclul gimnazial și liceal:

2.9.2022 Florentina Danci Anunțuri

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LTTA Turcia - Follow up

Diseminarea activității de învățare din Turcia, Istanbul 10-14 octombrie 2022 a avut loc în cadrul întâlnirii metodice a bibliotecarilor școlari din județul Bistrița-Năsăud, în data de 20 octombrie 2022.


16.11.2022 Alina Cret ERASMUS+ 2020-2022 S.M.S.

LTTA Lituania - Follow up


The mobility in which I participated in the Erasmus+ project "Smart Waste Management for Smarter Cluster Schools" held in Marijampole, Lithuania between March 14-18, 2022 had an impeccable organization and a very well-structured one. During the five days of mobility, various activities were organized with both a theoretical basis and interesting workshops. The content and the attitude of the trainers, teachers, and other participants made the students feel intellectually enriched, each day being dominated by an atmosphere based on interrelationship, cooperation, good mood, and desire to overcome. The keywords of the week were RECYCLING, REUSE, REDUCE, RESPECT, RETHINK, REPAIR, REPURPOSE, REHOME, RESTORE, and CIRCULAR ECONOMY.

Students from LIVIU REBREANU National College Bistrita, Romania, involved in Erasmus mobility in Lithuania, have realized that learning could be enjoyable and fun, not just stressful, as most students perceive it. They realized that all the Erasmus activities carried out during the week represented beneficial experiences for interacting with students from the partner countries in the project. They have also developed their work team for a good outcome to enjoy together. Within the projects, they were delighted to take part in the daily life of the Lithuanian people to get to know and understand their culture better.

Moreover, all the children have realized that they could positively change the world we live in if they change themselves first. They have also learned that they need to live their lives beautifully, in a balanced way, to value their time, channeling it into the things that are truly useful to them and to the nature that surrounds all of us.

As for me, the activities in this mobility helped me to develop myself as a teacher, as a person ... They enriched me intellectually, culturally, and spiritually. They made me dare more, much more! And now, I, of course, dare to believe that I have made dear new friends.

Thank you, Ruta, you are great, thank you to all those who contributed to our amazing Erasmus+ week in Marijampole, Lithuania.

See you soon in Romania!

Dalia Chira

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16.11.2022 Alina Cret ERASMUS+ 2020-2022 S.M.S.

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16.11.2022 Silviu Candale Produse SMS

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16.11.2022 Silviu Candale Produse SMS

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